Join the Civic Data Challenge

Civic Data Challenge

We are happy to announce that the Civic Data Challenge is open to anyone who wants to participate, and is striving to turn the raw data of civic health into useful applications and visualizations that will cause a direct impact on public decision-making. We need the best and brightest ideas to help make localized civic health data useful through visualizations and apps that educate better and engage civic leaders on what’s going on in their surrounding communities.

This is an important notice and we hope that designers, developers, and technologists of all stripes will heed the call. Today, creating innovations is the only way to make civic data really work. To all applicants, you can send us your email and information or visit us at our office in Milwaukee. If you can’t get your car out of your home garage due to a power outage, you might need the help of A1 Garage Door Service Milwaukee. They specialize in installing, servicing and repairing all kinds of garage doors. Call now, so you can visit and apply personally.

Do you know the fact that there are ridiculous amounts of useful economic, health, safety, and education data, but these are just a bunch of numbers because it’s not currently being used even if it helps to make better decisions in cities and states? Most local governments simply don’t know what to do with it. We know that there are citizens who have amazing skills. This is why we are calling the attention of designers, graphic artists and application programmers who can turn raw civic health data into applications and visualizations.

The deadline for submission will be announced soon, so please stay updated. We hope you can create something together with your teams and make it happen. As you collaborate or team up with other designers, researchers, data scientists and app developers, we will be giving you extra consideration. We also want to see an individual share even a little idea that can be great and big. Your work will be turning valuable data into useful information to make our cities and country smarter, cleaner, safer, and more vibrant. We want all of us to continue what we are doing for a better society.

Winners will be publicly announced at the Milwaukee City Hall. The prizes have not been announced yet and we don’t have any idea how much the prize is but the past prizes for the Civic Data Challenge have been valued at hundred thousand dollars including some special prizes that can be advantageous for your career. We are sure that prizes will be more special and bigger this year than ever before. Prizes will be announced throughout the contest and will be available for finalists, as well as for the overall grand prize winners at the end of the contest.
The rules and criteria for entering the Civic Data Challenge can be requested through email. We are hoping to see some amazing applications and visualizations and more talented and skilled citizens. So take your chances, apply now, gather your teammates and brainstorm! For further details, send us an email.

What Is A Lay Up In Basketball


In basketball, the layup has been used very often in games and is considered as one of the easiest ways to score in-game. A layout is a shot taken closest to the basket that involves 2-point shot attempt off the backboard. Its proximity to the basket gives the move better odds at scoring every time the technique is used.

Advantages of a layup

• It is easy.

• Increased odds of scoring; the probability of scoring.

• Less physically taxing.

• Requires less accuracy.

How do a layup

The layup is categorized into 2, the right-handed layup and the left-handed layup. If one wants to learn to do lay ups, they need to know the step by step setup to the finish.The most critical part of any layup is the footwork; this involves dribbling, and the two steps jumping,


Both the right-handed layup and the left-handed layup requires one to dribble with either the right or left hand.Angle your approach with either of your preferred hand and dribble to one side of the basket while using your outside hand to keep the ball out of your opponent’s reach.

For a right-handed layout, step with on to your right foot first before pushing off with the foot to take a big step forward so that you don’t lose any speed. Put the left foot on the floor and push off while you raise your right knee to gain height.

For a left-handed layout, step on with your left foot first before pushing off with the foot to take a big step forward so that you don’t lose any speed. Put the right foot on the floor and push off while you raise your left knee to gain height.

Time your run so that you don’t end up to close or too far from the basket for your two-step jumping; your step should be within the key.


With both hands, start the layup, keep the ball near to hip, while in the air, use either your right hand or left to lift the ball towards the hoop and release the ball at the highest point of the jump.Try to aim for the right or left corner of the backboard for an increased probability of scoring.


Layups are one of the easiest ways to score in basketball. It’s easy setup and execution makes it easy for both professional and amateur players to use against their opponents.