Can Personal Trainers Make Good Money

Can Personal Trainers Make Good Money

Personal trainers are self-employed people who tend to earn more amount of money compared to the perception that people have. They are entitled to many benefits apart from their basic salaries, and that is why you should know that they stand a chance to get more money. Here are areas that make personal trainers earn more.



The personal trainers have set aside wages which they get every month. They work by ensuring they demonstrate to their clients the way they should act and what they should do when training. They also work according to hourly charges, and others have specified fixed salaries, which is one of their income sources.

Advanced Certifications

Advanced health certification is one among the many which are known to improve the best salaries. This is the best since it ensures those training while they are not entirely healthy are distinguished and given the very best attention.

The trainers can also teach some weight management programs in weight loss when they have a peek at


It is always true that whenever you advance in education as a personal trainer, you always have a guarantee of gaining more salaries. You are still ready to train and support your clients as needed due to the many experiences and lessons you have learned according to the training classes.


Education is a guarantee that those who are more learned tend to earn bigger salaries. The current world always needs a person who is qualified with both experience and high-class education. Without the best knowledge, you will also not be sure of getting classified clients that are willing to offer more money when being trained.


When you are aspiring to become a professional trainer, or you are already one, you should always be willing to be the best trainer so that you can ever earn more money.

What Is A Lay Up In Basketball


In basketball, the layup has been used very often in games and is considered as one of the easiest ways to score in-game. A layout is a shot taken closest to the basket that involves 2-point shot attempt off the backboard. Its proximity to the basket gives the move better odds at scoring every time the technique is used.

Advantages of a layup

• It is easy.

• Increased odds of scoring; the probability of scoring.

• Less physically taxing.

• Requires less accuracy.

How do a layup

The layup is categorized into 2, the right-handed layup and the left-handed layup. If one wants to learn to do lay ups, they need to know the step by step setup to the finish.The most critical part of any layup is the footwork; this involves dribbling, and the two steps jumping,


Both the right-handed layup and the left-handed layup requires one to dribble with either the right or left hand.Angle your approach with either of your preferred hand and dribble to one side of the basket while using your outside hand to keep the ball out of your opponent’s reach.

For a right-handed layout, step with on to your right foot first before pushing off with the foot to take a big step forward so that you don’t lose any speed. Put the left foot on the floor and push off while you raise your right knee to gain height.

For a left-handed layout, step on with your left foot first before pushing off with the foot to take a big step forward so that you don’t lose any speed. Put the right foot on the floor and push off while you raise your left knee to gain height.

Time your run so that you don’t end up to close or too far from the basket for your two-step jumping; your step should be within the key.


With both hands, start the layup, keep the ball near to hip, while in the air, use either your right hand or left to lift the ball towards the hoop and release the ball at the highest point of the jump.Try to aim for the right or left corner of the backboard for an increased probability of scoring.


Layups are one of the easiest ways to score in basketball. It’s easy setup and execution makes it easy for both professional and amateur players to use against their opponents.