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Live Casino – all you need to know about it

Live casinos are the perfect new-age casinos, given they embrace the best from two worlds – the old one and the current one. They allow you to be part of a real-time game from the coziness of your home. This option became available in the 1990s with the appearance of live video streaming, and through the years, it became more and more popular and appealing.

People usually love it because it gives them the adrenalin pump, the authentic atmosphere and the experience of a real land-based casino while providing them with a possibility of never having to actually leave the house in order to get it. So it’s pretty much the double win. MerkurXtip can be classified as one of the main live casino stations in the online gambling world.

Advantages of live casino

There are so many great things about live casinos. For starters, they can offer you intense competition, the one that’s quite often lacking in the real gambling place. Also, they are interactive and dynamic, so you will be in a position to communicate non stop with all other players as well as with a dealer. The third great benefit lies in the fact you will have a good view of dealers hands, cards, or roulette, so there won’t be any room for manipulation.

You should know that a huge number of live casinos are safe and secure, but you do need to do research and find out who to trust. This is a regulated industry, which means the casino should be licensed to conduct live games. Besides all that, nowadays, you can be part of a live casino while on the go thanks to the apps casinos developed or good mobile optimization. And in the end, there are usually bonuses you can count on when playing at the live casino.

Live casino games

Regarding the game selection, live casino mostly isn’t the place with the biggest possible diversity, but it does cover pretty much all the most popular ones. It’s just a matter of how much the casino invested in this section and how many tables there are for their virtual players.

You will always find a seat at blackjack, roulette, and baccarat table. Sure there are some other games on disposal, poker included, but these three are the sacred ones in the world of live casinos. Just bear in mind that you will have lots of varieties of these games, so it could take some time for you to find the ideal one for you.

Good to know

We are presuming you don’t have experience in playing live casinos, so we are willing to share some useful tips that could help you find your own way and work it out.

The most important one is not to forget to check if you have high-speed Internet when joining the world of live casinos.
Pretty much at the same range of importance is to be sure you are dealing with a reliable and safe online casino.
The second thing is to make sure you are well familiar with the rules of live casinos and the game you are playing.
The third is to define your budget above which you won’t play, so you can prevent yourself from potentially losing more than you can handle.
And finally, be smart and get all the information about bonuses and promotions you can use.


There is no doubt that once you try it, you will become a huge fan of live casinos. There are so many players who are not interested in anything else online casinos have to offer but this. And with reason! Not only you will enjoy all the advantages of a real casino experience, including the social interactions, excitement and the feeling of not missing anything, but you will be able to shift from table to table, dealer to dealer until you find your perfect spot.