About Us

We are a great team who used to tackle all of today’s civic problems together with expert researchers, trainers, data analysts, software developers, and election administrators. With all the powers, skills and knowledge we have, and of course, you, as citizens with awesome skills and knowledge, we can modernize the engagement with local governments for millions of people living in the country. We are using all our might to make our cities and countries smarter, cleaner, safer, and more vibrant. We want all of us to continue what we are doing to have a better society for a longer time.

The Civic Data Challenge is inviting you all to join this challenge. Don’t miss this awesome opportunity to win special prizes and a big amount of cash for your wonderful ideas to make it understandable and useful.

The Civic Data Challenge was sponsored by some civic data foundation and presented by the National Conference. With so many challenges and community problems we are facing right now, our team decided to step in. We are looking for some ideas and solutions to turn existing civic health and community attachment data into beautiful, useful applications and visualizations to help build stronger communities. The deadline for submission to the challenge will be next month. If you are designers, data scientists, researchers and app developers, you are especially encouraged to apply. Individual citizens with great ideas are welcome too.

Participants who can create beautiful, useful apps that can analyze and visualize data on health, safety, education and the economy will be eligible to take home various prizes such as cash prizes.

To enter The Civic Data Challenge, you must submit your full information first to our online application form or visit us personally. After submitting an application form, participants will be provided with existing civic health and community attachment data for you to analyze. After that, participants will create visual representations and interactive products such as infographics, apps, animations, videos, or other content to showcase their findings.