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Q: What is The Civic Data Challenge?
A: The Civic Data Challenge is a challenge where participants turn the raw data of “civic health” into useful applications and visualizations, enabling communities to be better understood and made to thrive. This challenge will bring new eyes, minds, findings, knowledge and new skill sets to the field of civic health.

Q: Who organized The Civic Data Challenge?
A: The Civic Data Organization through its open data challenge program has partnered with some organizations to produce the Challenge. Additional support is provided and presented by the National Conference.

Q: When is the last submission of an entry to the Civic Data Challenge?
A: The Civic Data Challenge is powered and presented by the National Conference which will be launched in April. Contestants will have a chance to participate in the competition to be considered as a contestant. You must complete a submission form on the last Sunday next month.

Q: Why do you have this kind of challenge?
A: The Civic Data Challenge has one goal, that is to encourage every individual, app developer, programmer, scientist, researcher, computer expert, web designer, and others to build and deliver apps and visualizations that serve community needs, connect and engage citizens with their local governments, and show how data and technology can be used to build stronger community. The Civic Data Challenge invites innovative citizen thinkers, designers, entrepreneurs, and developers to create useful apps to turn the raw data of civic health to help communities and local governments understand the civic health data better.

Q: What can we win?
A: The Civic Data Challenge has generously provided cash and special prizes. Grand prize costs $100,000 or more.

Q: How are prizes awarded?
A: Entries submitted will be judged on potential community benefit, execution, creativity/novelty, video, and wow factor. Please email us for additional information on the judging criteria.